The need to organize – Lets make a Table

Our plasma unit was recently installed and its wires were a mess ! additionally a computer was placed across the room whose LAN wires crisscrossed the other cables.

Wires entangled

It was an accident just waiting to happen ! cant have that, so we identified a nice clear spot next to the control unit.

Nice spot

The plan is to place both the computer and Plasma unit at the location by building a multiplatform table.

Cutting MDF

Cutting M.D.F (Medium-density fibreboard) to the required shape.

Ms Frame Placement

The frame is made of M.S (Mild Steel) L-angles. The cut M.D.F is placed to get the overall placement right.

Anti-rust coating

a few layers of anti-rust coating for the frame and its time to wait for the pain to dry.

Completed table

After a good coating of orange paint and fixing the boards, its ready !

Set and organized !

No more wires getting in the way and causing a tripping hazard.


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