Nature’s Wall Decor

When Chennai based HEALTHY BAKES approached Navasthala for their wall décor needs, we could not refuse !

( Healthy Bakes: )

The concept was simple, keeping in theme with they need for natural and healthy food, the wall décor was discussed and finalized on a wholesome tree and honeycomb

So we got working on it.

First we need to decide on the materials, since the delivery distance is far (Bangalore-Chennai 350kms) we decided the materials had  to be strong and durable.

Polycarbonate was the obvious choice for the transparent part. MDF for the Honey comb would have natural strength based on its design (hexapody).

Tree Decor

Started with a simple CNC cut out of a 2mm polycarbonate sheet (4x4ft). Brown was the favorite color, so it was a simple vinyl pasting (Click here for Vinyl Pasting process:

Honey Bee Comb

This was bit tough yet fun build. The initial idea was to cut a really thick 36mm MDF sheets, apply some dark varnish and Done ! But it took a whole new turn,

The very first hiccup was the non availability of such a thickness in the market. So it was decided we would cut multiple thinner sheets and join them together. To keep costs down, we split up the design in to smaller sections with only the top and bottom being a full piece.

After the cut out was done, we spent a good amount of time trying to figure out which part goes where ? In hind sight, some marking system would have really helped.

We were lucky on the “Honey” part since the perfect vinyl was acquired. Turned out great !

After joining it all and multiple spray paintings later, we realized that the paint wasn’t looking too well. It was due to the absorption nature of the MDF which left back patches of paint.

So we went ahead with manual painting, solving this problem.

Shipping it out after putting it together,

The final result looks great !

Wall Decor

Visit them @

Healthy Bakes
25, East Mada Street, Thiruvanmiyur (Above Naturals Beauty Salon)
Chennai, India
075501 68856

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